Markit EDM

EDM – Enterprise Data Management


Markit EDM acts as a central hub to manage the acquisition, validation, mastering, storage and distribution of data in a consistent, fully-audited environment.


It is basically a data hub that receives inputs from multiple sources, creates a golden copy and then distributes the data to multiple target systems.


In January 2015 I did the ‘Markit EDM Introduction’ course and started work on a project at a merchant bank to replace the existing ‘data hub’ with Markit EDM. This required a lot of analysis of how the current feeds from Bloomberg etc. are fed to the target systems.

The existing ‘data hub’ was fed by Tibco interfaces and the target systems received their data through Tibco interfaces. A important requirement was that the Tibco applications feeding the target systems had to remain untouched by the migration. I designed a solution whereby the existing Tibco calls to the existing ‘data hub’ were rerouted to Markit EDM, without affecting the data. In EDM I designed and built the web services that would supply the EDM data to the TIBCO target systems.

During the regression test phase, I had to make many small adjustments to Markit EDM to ensure that the data output was correct.